September 17, 2019

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Car Accident Lawsuits

Personal Injury Law Firms

There are so many unanswered questions after a car accident that caused serious injuries: Who will pay the bills? Will we be able to afford ongoing medical care? How will this accident affect us long-term?

The Role of Your Attorney

In addition to wondering how you’ll make ends meet, you’re worried about the lasting physical and emotional effects of the car accident. A skilled car accident attorney can provide clarity and direction during such a confusing time. Your legal team will work to get answers for your family, one step at a time starting with an intensive investigation.

The primary goal of your initial investigation is to gather evidence that shows how the other driver exhibited negligence and caused the accident. The second facet of this legal process is to put the effects of the accident into a specific dollar amount to protect your family from financial devastation and compensate you for the harm caused. can help you find a legal team near you that will work hard to win your case.

The Discovery Process

When you hire a law firm with skilled personal injury attorneys, the team begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the accident. Accident reconstructionists help provide insight into the events leading up to the crash. Every detail, no matter how small, is analyzed by not only your lawyers, but also by experienced experts with engineering, scientific, and medical expertise. The background and driving history of the other motorist is scrutinized. Witnesses are tracked down. If there is reason to believe a defective auto part played a role in the collision, extensive testing is performed to find the defect.

Proving Driver Negligence

It is not uncommon for the accused driver to completely deny any mistake or wrongdoing. It then becomes “a he said/she said” scenario where your personal injury lawyer’s goal is to let the facts of the case tell the story. Things like tire marks, sounds, and light signal activity can help provide insight. Securing passenger and witness testimony is crucial.

The tricky thing with car accident lawsuits is that your attorney will not only have to prove that the other driver acted carelessly and ignored basic driving safety, but he or she will also need to demonstrate all the ways the injuries caused by the accident will affect your future. Once your team has a clear picture of the worst-case scenario and the resources it might require, they can begin moving forward appealing to the insurance companies and court, if necessary, to win your family the appropriate compensation.

If you or a member of your family has been seriously hurt in a car accident, please click here to find an auto accident lawyer in your area.